You Are a Brand

image courtesy of Keith Watt @

image courtesy of Keith Watt @

Today all people who are on social media are a brand. You are creating an image of yourself for others to see. You only get one first impression. All posts are forever. Remember that when you start to type a comment, post a photo, or like a page. So make yourself a brand to remember in a good way.

People make all kinds of mistakes on social media. I have made a few myself. You might tell a joke that is insensitive to a person or group of people. Tread lightly when you express your views on social issues, politics, religion, or current events. You might insult or belittle ideas. Every time you post, comment, like, or share something you can cause harm to your personal brand.

Jokes can be fun but remember to be careful about the type of jokes. People can be offended or insulted by things you might think are funny. Jokes about groups of people that are stereotypical or racist are just bad. Remember if you insult someone or group of people you turn them away from your brand. They won’t want what you have to offer.

People hold strong convictions and beliefs when it comes to social issues, politics, religion, or current events. You may not agree with someone or something but remember others do agree and you will alienate them. Tolerance is the best word I can offer you when dealing with these subjects.

People think of all kinds of ideas. Someone has an idea for a new business venture or how they want to live their life. You may think the idea sounds ridiculous or just plain dumb. Remember people can become hurt by your negativity. People need to explore ideas and learn from them. Be encouraging to the person, not the idea. Please only offer your opinion if someone asks you. If they ask, talk to them in person if you can or call them. Please leave serious conversations off social media.

Notice I did not say don’t do to anything I talked about. If it fits into your brand you should post it on social media. If you are involved in politics, you are going to post about things that some people don’t like. Remember it is hard to make up for negative thoughts people have of you. You need about ten positives to overcome one negative. This of course depends on how bad the one negative is and how good the ten positives are.

Social media is a great tool to help you brand yourself. It makes it easy for you to have a voice. Use social media wisely. Think about what you are doing while on social media, but also don’t be overly cautious because sometimes we all need to take risk. Be a positive brand.

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