Do You Want to Take a Risk?

image courtesy of Salvadhor @

image courtesy of Salvadhor @

Most people probably think that becoming and entrepreneur is very risky. I used to think this way. Now I feel that working for someone else is becoming more of a risk today. Today there is less stability in companies, government, and organizations. The old ways of working for someone for 30 years and retiring are over for most, especially younger people. Today companies compete in a global economy and will move operations to different parts of the world. Jobs shift more quickly around the world today. Governments have operated and still do for the most part on an old system that is becoming too expensive for taxpayers and have liabilities that some governments cannot pay. Ultimately “risk” is a matter of perception.

The great news is today it is very easy to start your own business. There are also so many new types of careers that are being created as old jobs go away. You don’t need a lot of capital to start. You can start a business and still work a job either full-time or part-time.

“I am climbing difficult road; but the glory gives me strength.” -Sextus Propertius-

Entrepreneurship does have risk and is an uphill climb. The three biggest risks I see today are earning money, business management, and time management. If you are an entrepreneur you don’t get a paycheck scheduled like you do with a typical job. You have to generate income and generate enough to provide for yourself and your family. Business management includes forming your business, managing taxes, development, employees, regulations, and operations. Depending on where you live it can be more or less complicated to deal with business licensing, taxes, and regulations. The size and type of business will determine if you need to have employees or independent contractors. Plus there’s the overall management of your business. Finally you have to have good time management so that you don’t spend all your time working. You must continue to enjoy things like your family, friends, hobbies, and relaxation. Nothing in life worth working for is risk free.

Look at the risks of becoming an entrepreneur and tackle them head on. Climb the mountain of business building. You are up to the challenge and you can do it. I recommend finding a good coach to help you get started. I would love to work with you as you take that first step to entrepreneurship. To find out about coaching packages please complete the form on my coaching page.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Want to Take a Risk?

  1. Saw you post on Facebook responding to Michael Hyatt and thought I’d check out your blog. Great thoughts here, Jeremy. I always tell my clients if entrepreneurship was meant to be safe and everyone would be in business for themselves. Yes, you are so right. People must “get out of the box” and go after what they want.