Why “Work Smarter, Not Harder” Is Terrible Advice

image courtesy of Ron NTKB @ flick.com

image courtesy of Ron NTKB @ flick.com

Most of us have heard the advice to “work smarter, not harder.” Well, that’s terrible advice. A “smarter not harder” mindset can cause you to end up with some pretty destructive work habits. If we use our intelligence but don’t put in the work necessary, we won’t accomplish much. It makes us think we have to choose working smart or working hard, but not both. Working smarter and harder is the key to success.

We can choose to work both smart and hard to be successful. We can study our business and read to expand our knowledge. We also have to put in the time to develop our products to help people. We have to clock the hours to continue to expand and develop our craft.

Your smarts will not help you succeed if you don’t put in the hours to develop your business. Many successful CEOs, athletes, musicians, and entrepreneurs put in lots of hours to develop their skills to succeed. Many are up early and late to bed. ┬áIf you have the drive to succeed, your mindset about your work will be a positive one and much healthier than most people’s.

I worked harder and smarter than most people in the business I have been in.

Mark Cuban – Shark Tank

Don’t listen to those who say you just need to work smarter. Smarts alone will not bring you success. We need to incorporate both smart business tactics and hard work to find the success we are looking for in our careers and in life. The more we study and put in the hours doing the right work, the better we’ll become.

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