How Do You Feel About Your Work?

Photo courtesy of Fahad Hasan @

Photo courtesy of Fahad Hasan @


What best describes your current work situation?


Do you enjoy your work? Do you feel it’s what you were made to do? Do you have so much passion for your work that you feel like you could work forever?


Do you stress at night before returning to work? When you arrive at work does your energy just drain from your body? Do you need caffeine all day to keep you going?

Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put on every heart.

– Rumi

Working is a major part of our lives and most things revolve around our work. A majority of us spend 40 plus hours a week working. We should enjoy what we are doing and have passion for it. We don’t want to go through life having a major part of it slowly sucking the life out of us. We shouldn’t have to live for the weekends, holidays, and occasional vacations. We were created for so much more.

Working in an environment that drains the life out of us can cause us to become angry, resentful, and can affect us so much we can become depressed. Nobody wants to go through life like that. That is why it is so important to look inward and discover the work we were made to do. By discovering work that matches our passion we can have a life of purpose. By discovering work you were created to do and have a passion for you will build confidence in your life that can take you to new levels of personal growth.

If you have found work you enjoy and have passion for, I would love to hear about your experience of discovering work you love. If you you are still searching please check out my coaching page. I would love to work with you.


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