Do You Have Smart Goals?

image courtesy of Paula Naugle @

image courtesy of Paula Naugle @

The other night my wife Tricia and I worked on our SMART goals. As I was writing I would think through the SMART goal setting framework and put down in writing my goals. Almost all of my goals included each element of that framework. I do have goals that I have not fully developed, but I will write them down in some form or get a picture. I will look back at those and brainstorm them to mold them into SMART goals. If I cannot, I will put them back to the dream goals, which if I don’t develop, will stay just that: a dream. My wife and I read our goals to each other and discussed them. It helps to talk about your goals because you can offer encouragement and if needed gentle suggestions about them. My wife and I have goals in all areas of our lives. A primary focus in our goal setting was our business as we are taking the first steps as entrepreneurs.

Let’s look at the SMART goals together. Afterwards go through your goals and write them out according to the SMART goals framework.

  • Specific – Narrow your goals down. Take broad dreams and break them down into single goals. As an example, of one of my goals is: “I will start weekly  Periscopes.” I have more, but this is the specific part and no doubt what my goal is.
  • Measurable – Do you have a way to measure the completion of your goal? An example could be that you want to purchase a home within a year and need to save one thousand dollars per month to do that. You can measure your progress by the money you save month after month.
  • Attainable – Is your goal actually within reach? Lets go back to the example of purchasing a home in one year by saving twelve thousand dollars. If you have a monthly income of two thousands dollars, your goal is likely not attainable. But if you earn eight thousand dollars per month, your goal is attainable. Make your goal something you can achieve.
  • Relevant – Is your goal relevant to want you want to accomplish in your life? If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you want to have business goals that will help you accomplish this.
  • Time-bound – Give yourself an end date to accomplish each goal. If you want to start a blog in 1 month, to accomplish this goal means that by the first of the next month your blog will be up and running.

Now that you’re equipped with the SMART goal setting framework, I would love to hear what some of your goals are. As you start to work more on goals you can add to the SMART goal setting framework by utilizing SMARTER goal setting by adding Evaluate and Revise to the process.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Have Smart Goals?

  1. Jeremy,

    I like this. I’m going to try to use this to help with accountability in perusing some of my business goals. Thank You

    Ms Wan