Beyond the Just

image courtesy of Cedric Guilleminot @

image courtesy of Cedric Guilleminot @

I have learned that to be successful financially we have to go beyond norms. We need to be creative. Don’t box yourself into being “just” one thing (i.e., “just a writer”). Look at ways to take what is unique about you, mix with passion, and find a market. These are the three steps to creating multiple forms of income.

If you have great ideas for a book or books and all you do is write books you might not get the income you desire. Unless you sell millions of books every year, you won’t generate large amounts of income. Very few people can make money only from writing books.

Yes, most big time writers get books made into TV shows or movies, but still very few. You have to think how you can take your ideas and create products. I learned from Dan Miller and others about generating income from multiple products.

So take the example of being a writer. You could develop several ways to generate income. You could set up a website and write blog posts that are short stories that readers could read for free. That would help with building an audience for your books. Plus you can have a email sign up to help interact and pitch products to your fans. You could sell other people’s books through affiliate links or purchasing and reselling books. You could produce online webisodes of your books.

You will be able to have multiple ways to generate income. Multiple products generating income will produce a greater chance of financial success. Look beyond the “just” and find your creative energy. I want to encourage you to think and write ideas to create multiple products.

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