Are You Looking For a New Direction?

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Do you feel lost at work or is the business you started not enjoyable?

Is work to you just something we have to do and it does not matter if we enjoy it? Is the idea that you should do work you love foreign, and do you think only some people can do that? Does the idea of starting a business seem overwhelming?

I have felt and thought all these things. I have been inspired by people I have met that have introduced to me the idea of finding work that I would enjoy and want to do. I started to read books about finding what I am passionate about and discovering my unique gifts. What are you passionate about, and what are your unique gifts?

My most recent job search showed me that I was not focused on my passion and what unique gifts I have to offer companies. Instead, I wanted a new job and would take what I could get. I understand if you can no longer can stand your current job and just want to get out. We must have the correct formula in our job search or we will end up in the same place. We may not be with the same company but will most likely end up in another job we don’t like.

I started to focus my effort on discovering my passion and unique gifts. I realized that I want to help people move out of the job they dislike and find work they are passionate about. I decided the best path for me was to start my own business. I created my website to help people find a new job or create work they are passionate about. I will provide resources as well as coaching. Let me help you find a new direction.


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One thought on “Are You Looking For a New Direction?

  1. Love this Jeremy! Especially this sentence, “We must have the correct formula in our job search or we will end up in the same place. ” I have no doubt you are going to help many find the new direction they are seeking. Congratulations on your launch!